Foundation development

Foundation & Development

-1983: Sub-Institute of Physics in Nha trang

-1993: Branch of Institute of Materials Science in NhatrangCity (IMS)

-2007: Nha trang Institute of Technology Research & Application (NITRA).


NITRA is now one of basic science & technology organizations of VAST with main regular functions: scientific research, consultation, transfer and development of science-technology research resulting into the production processes.

The following are main duties of NITRA:

  • To submit to the President of VAST the research and implementation of long-term, 5-years and annual plans, projects of NITRA.

  • To propose and participate in building strategy for development of science-technology, education and training, conservation of natural resources and environment in central Vietnam.

  • To investigate natural resources and conditions, environment, scientific database for regional social-economic planning and development.

  • To organize sciencetific and technology activities and applications in the following fields:

• Marine biology and biotechnology.

• Organic biochemistry and marine chemistry technology.

• Materials science and technology

• Applied physics and computational physics

  • Some of space - technology works assigned by the President of VAST.

  • R&D activities, pilot production, consultation, applied science-technology services.

  • Co-operation with domestic and foreign scientific organizations in training high level science-technology human resources to meet the regional demand.

  • International co-operation in technology research and application


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